Innocent Chukwuma provided uncommon visionary leadership

I read in The Premium Times the sad and devastating news about Innocent.

What a shock!

Innocent was by far one of the few faithful and honest among the leading lights in the civil society, pro-democracy and human rights community. He exemplified what the community should be like and pursue, with characteristic forthrightness and courage.

He provided uncommon visionary leadership at CLEEN and the Ford Foundation West Africa Regional Office, in a manner that restored faith and confidence in both organizations and in line with their mandates.

I know his passing on will be a crippling blow to all of you, as was Dele Aturu’s some years back. But life must go on, and may the Good Lord in His Munificence grant you all and the rest of us, the courage to cope with the irreparable loss.

Much remains to be done; and like Ulysses, though weakened by the loss, we must….

May our dear Innocent’s soul rest in peace!